Your event looks wonderful. I would like to be included in your email reminder list for the 2016 event. Hoping Burt Reynolds who was on Gunsmoke and Tim Matheson who was on the the 1972 episodes of Bonanza might be considered as guests. Many thanks.

From: Kathryn Stone 

Had a great time! Everyone was very nice and friendly. Just let us know when we can buy tickets for next year.

From: Peggy Moshell

I haven't had the pleasure yet of attending, but my Mom and I are very much hoping to make it next year.

From: Kim Oliver

I used to live in Memphis and loved going to the film festivals more than anything. Live in Arkansas now. Sure hope I can come to the 2016 festival and wish, after seeing the lineup, that I had gone to the one this year. Looks like you had a great show!
From: Brenda DeFord 

Love this new site. Really enjoy attending the festivals and meeting everyone.
From:   Laurene Beaudin

Just wanted to say I really like your new site. Will be visiting it often.

From: Karen Deyarmin

I love the Memphis Film Festival. This will be my third year going to the festival. It is so much fun. I have met a lot of wonderful people at the festival and the guests have always been so nice. The stars are easily accessible for autographs, photos and you can chat with them for a minute if you wish. I love that you can stay at Sam's Town and the festival is right there. They have restaurants at Sam's Town so you don't even have to leave at all during the week of the festival.
From:   Carla Phillips

Most of the great, well done shows were from the fifties, sixties and only one from the seventies, that being alias smith and jones. you cannot make a good one today, my opinion. maybe all the best ones were already made and continue to being enjoyed today. Hopefully,young people will one day discover these gems.
From:   Margaret


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the Guest Book.

Absolutely LOVE the new website!! Keep up the great work. Hope to see everyone again in June!
Bob Thomas

What a festival this is going to be! Every guest is special and I can hardly wait to meet them, talk to them, and get their autographed photos. I'm overwhelmed by the fabulous assortment of stars. Good work, Ray and Boyd!!! See you in June.
From: Joyce Gaylord

Just the best one of all the festivals ! Ray, Boyd and Bonnie (can't forget her if anyone wants to know who is really in charge) all do a bang up job.
From: Don Hart

The new website is absolutely fantastic. I love the colors and graphics. Really well done!

From: Ruth Murphy