On August 15 a plaque honoring Dale Evans was placed on the Arkansas Walk of Fame in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Personages born in the state or who have strong connections to it are laid there because of significant contributions they've made in their various fields.

 Although Dale was born in Texas, she did spend a good part of her youth on a farm in Osceola, Arkansas. Her fame as an actress, singer and author led to her inclusion. Others there in the entertainment field include Alan Ladd, Dick Powell, Gail Davis, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and Jerry Van Dyke.



Dusty Rogers and Tom Nichols viewing Dale's unveiled plaque which lies along Central Avenue in Hot Springs. Nichols is a local radio station owner who talked about Dale's early life to the crowd.


Rick Ramick, a representative of the Mayor's Office, reading the framed proclamation presented to Dusty commemorating Dale's addition to the Walk of Fame.


                                                    Quotes from Dusty

"My mom used to tell us that when she was very young she told her mother that when she grew up she was going to marry Tom Mix and have ten children. She married Roy Rogers and had nine so she came pretty close." 

"One thing I've noticed about all of today's inductees is that each of them loved the Lord, had a moral compass and family values. These are missing in a lot of families today." 

Dusty told a story about Roy and Dale meeting on "The Cowboy and the Senorita"and Dale was asked to demonstrate her riding skills for the camera. She hadn't been on a horse since she was four years old. She wasn't aware that the horse they put her on was a stunt horse and when the reins were pulled up on it, it would come to a dead stop. She was thrown from the horse and it broke the new caps she'd had put on her teeth and they came spilling out like Chicklets on the ground. When asked what Roy thought of her riding that day, he said "I don't think I've ever seen so much air between a woman's rear and a saddle." 

Dusty said her horse Buttermilk was a cutting horse and difficult to ride. He said Dale blamed her hysterectomy on it. 

 "My mom wrote 28 books and I struggled to write one." 

"My mom taught all of us to be straightforward, to love the good Lord, and to be kind to one another." 



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