This page is to honor the passings of our favorite stars of stage, screen and television.  Some of the stars we have had the honor of their presence at our festival.  

Some of these stars were behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.   They will be missed.

(Please note:  Passings are changed month to month.)

​Actor John Gavin, perhaps best remembered for playing ill-fated Janet Leigh's lover in "Psycho",  has passed away after a lengthy illness at the age of 86. 

Western fans may remember he starred in a short-lived series entitled "Destry" inspired by the 1939 feature film of the same name with Jimmy Stewart. Gavin actually played Tom Destry's son, Harrison, who, like his father, was a mild-mannered lawman who tried to avoid violence. He gets framed for a crime he didn't commit, and when he gets out of prison he roams the west looking for those who wronged him. 

Besides being in that Hitchcock classic, Gavin also had major roles in "Spartacus", "Imitation of Life", and "Back Street". 

He'd been married to actress Constance Towers since 1974, and he was once President of the Screen Actors Guild and America's Ambassador to Mexico​.

John Gavin

April 8, 1931 - February 9, 2018


Vic Damone a singer/actor, who made more than 2,500 recordings in his career, passed away in Miami, Florida this week at the age of 89. Although he made many film and television appearances, he never really thought of himself as an actor. "My gift was singing," he once said. 

Of his numerous song hits, "You're Breaking My Heart" and "On the Street Where You Live" were two of the most popular. His films included "Kismet", "Rich, Young and Pretty" and "Hell to Eternity." He even made a guest appearance on "The Rebel" with Nick Adams in 1961. 

Vic Damone

June 12, 1928 - Feb. 11, 2018