Those who didn't know Dwayne Yant may not find this post relevant, but I knew the man for a long time. I attended his funeral today. It wasn't a somber occasion like many funerals I've been to but a celebration of his life.
The attached photo was handed out to everyone. There was a lot of talk about Dwane's devotion to his church, his love of rock 'n roll music,and a lot of laughter was heard regarding Dwayne's stories and sayings.

One of Dwayne's close friends, Wallace Poole, sang at the service. He's an excellent Willie Nelson tribute artist, and I was amazed at how much he sounded like Willie when he got the crowd to join him on "Let The Circle Be Unbroken." 

I had the privilege of speaking about Dwayne's devotion to Western films and his loyal support of the Memphis Film Festival. His son, Preston, told me that he and his dad only missed attending a couple of times going back to 1973. Dwayne was also a regular attendee at our group showings of Western films and serial chapters here in Conway, Arkansas on Saturday mornings. 

Dwayne's favorite cowboy was probably Allan "Rocky" Lane, When our group reconvenes on November 8 we plan to show a couple of Lane films in his honor. We will certainly miss our longtime saddle pal and will think of him often.


July 15, 1920-October 14, 2016

Kathryn who was a 2001 guest at our festival, passed away at the age of 96.

Adams appeared on a "Gateway to Hollywood" radio program in which winners would receive a contract with RKO Radio. That led to an appearance opposite Ginger Rogers in the Warner Bros. film "Fifth Avenue Girl" (1939).

Also that year, the attractive brunette was set to play Esmeralda in RKO's The "Hunchback of Notre Dame", but star Charles Laughton insisted on having Maureen O’Hara play the part. So Adams portrayed a companion of Fleur-de-Lys (Helene Reynolds) in the film.

In Hitchcock's classic "Saboteur" (1942), she appeared as Mrs. Brown, a young mother and the daughter of Otto Kruger's not as-respectable-as-he-seems Charles Tobin.

Adams also was a contract player at Universal, and her film résumé included "If I Had My Way", "Love, Honor and Oh-Baby!", "Black Diamonds", "The Invisible Woman", "Sky Raiders", "Unfinished Business" and "Rawhide Rangers" in which she sang and played the piano.

Adams married Beaumont in 1941, and they received top billing in the 1946 film "Blonde for a Day", her final onscreen credit. That movie starred Beaumont in the third of five films in which he played famed San Francisco detective Michael Shayne.

One of television's most famous fathers, Beaumont portrayed the patient Ward Cleaver for six seasons on CBS-ABC's "Leave It to Beaver", which aired from 1957-63. He and Adams divorced in 1974, and he died in 1982 at age 72.

Adams left acting to raise a family and eventually became a teacher of sixth graders in Hollywood, a psychologist and an author (her first novel was published after she turned 70).

"Hugh didn't ask me to quit, I just quit to raise my children," she once said. "It was a different world. Acting wasn't something I longed for — it just happened."

In 1975, she married Dr. Fred Doty; he died in 2010.

In addition to her daughter, survivors include sons Hunter and Mark, six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.


This page is to honor the passings of our favorite stars of stage, screen and television.  Some of the stars we have had the honor of their presence at our festival.  

Some of these stars were behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.   They will be missed.

(Please note:  Passings are changed month to month.)


I am sad to report yet another passing close to home. Nelda Kay Bishop of Halls, TN. died today at the age of 76. She and her husband, Eddie, who were married for nearly 60 years, were good friends of this festival for a long time. They hadn't been involved in recent years, but were active as former board members and memorabilia dealers through our move to Olive Branch a decade or so ago. Nelda was the former General Manager of the local utility company in Halls where she was employed for almost 40 years. Our sincere condolence goes out to Eddie and their son, Eddie, Jr. Nelda's funeral will be on Saturday in Halls.