Robert Carradine, a very nice and funny man; so easy to talk to. The fans loved him!

Front Row: Conrad Palmisano, Patrick Wayne, Dean Smith, Dawn Wells, Bernie Kopell and Robert Carradine

Back Row: Chris Mitchum, Darby Hinton, John Buttram, Diamond Farnsworth, Robert Fuller, Buck Taylor and Randolph Mantooth

Dean Smith, his wife Debby and son Finis with a fan.  A very gracious guest and a fan favorite.

Conrad and Bonnie

Conrad Palmisano, a great guest and a lot of fun!  The fans loved him.

Darby had hoped to show a clip of his new western "Bill Tilgham and the Outlaws" that he recently finished filming in Maryland and West Virginia.  The DVD wouldn't work but you can see a link to the clip on his facebook page.  

Darby and his fans enjoyed the "meetup" and he thanked everyone for coming.  He enjoyed answering all the questions about his career and how much he enjoys spending time with his fans!

Diamond Farnsworth, he was a great guest last year and he was even better this year!

Diamond and Linda 

Conrad Palmisano

Dancing...Congo Line... Line Dancing...Fun.....

John Buttram

Patrick Wayne

Darby Hinton

- Friday Events -

Check all the highlights below from the

2018 Memphis Film Festival

Thursday 1:00 p.m.

John Buttram our favorite MC with Alex Ward, our favorite DJ ... two great people!

Dawn Wells

Guests who stopped by to enjoy the music and fun!

Christopher Mitchum, a wonderful guest and gracious man who was very kind to his fans.  

Dean Smith

Our girl, Katie Watkins, had a wonderful time and memories that will last a lifetime.

Friday 2:00 p.m.

Darby Hinton, loves his Darby Darlings

    (& Dudes)!

He is a great guest and so much fun.

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

Thursday evening we have the most wonderful sock hop ever!  Some of our guest stars stop by for some dancing and fun.  The DJ was Alex Ward who has a show Saturday night on SiriusXM 50's on 5. Alex has been spinning the hits since 1967 with his "Pig 'N Whistle" oldies show along with his "Pink and Black Days" on Sirius XM.  Clips are shown of our guest stars in different movies and TV shows.  You can also see clips of Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and many more.  A wonderful time was had by all!

- Thursday Events -

2018 Festival Pictures

10:30 a.m. Darby's Darling & Dudes Meetup

2018 brought another year of great new guests and wonderful entertainment!  Once again Rob Haynes and Band was our entertainment for Saturday night and they were absolutely amazing.    The sock hop was fun as usual with our favorite Sirius Radio DJ Alex Ward and his special  tribute to Clint Walker.  Many exciting things this year with Robert Fuller Fandom and Darby Hinton's Darlings & Dude's meetups. Added bonus this year was a trio of stuntman: Diamond Farnsworth, Dean Smith and Conrad Palmisano with their amazing stories to share.

So please check out the pictures below to either bring back those memories or for those who didn't attend; you will want to be there next year!

Bernie Kopell, he is so sweet and so funny.  He is a hit with his fans.

Buck Taylor, always the perfect gentleman, the gracious guest, the fans love him..

Debby and Dean

 Celebrity Panel Discussion 

Randolph Mantooth, what a wonderful man; very gracious to each and everyone who stopped by to see him.  A very nice guest.

What a Dynasty:  Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne), Christopher Mitchum (son of Robert Mitchum) and Robert Carradine (son of John Carradine) with the narrator Ray Nielsen.

Trivia Contest

A fan finally had the honor to meet one of his childhood heroes!! Randy Mantooth who played “Johnny Gage” in his favorite firefighting tv show as a kid EMERGENCY!  The fan was proud to give him one of his Biloxi Fire Department patches as well as a challenge coin! He absolutely Loved them both!  He also was so excited that he signed his helmet as well as the EMERGENCY helmet he used to wear as a kid running around pretending to be him!
The fan stated "It really is a great feeling to be able to finally meet and thank Randy for all the years of not only entertainment but, lighting a spark in a child’s imagination in that one day even he can become a real fireman."

 Celebrity Panel Discussion 

Patrick Wayne, gracious, kind, funny, and a big hit with the fans!   He was so much fun.

Bonnie and Darby

John Buttram, Buck Taylor, Dawn Wells and Darby Hinton with the narrator Tom Nichols.

Randolph Mantooth

Christopher Mitchum

Robert Carradine

For DVD’s of all Festival Activities contact Terry Swindol by

email at

Robert Fuller, always kind and gracious to his fans!  His fans come from all over the world. 

Dawn Wells, still as beautiful as ever!  Very gracious, funny and

kind to everyone.  

Bernie Kopell

Buck Taylor

Trivia contest MC Darby Hinton presents Debbie Grace from Albuquerque, NM with the $100 cash prize for winning it. She’s the second woman in the last two years to take home the prize which had always gone to men in the past.

This was Debbie's first time entering the Trivia Contest and she did a great job as did our charming MC Darby! 

Robert Fuller

Diamond Farnsworth