- Thursday Events -

Bruce Boxleitner

Ellen Diiorio, whose birthday was celebrated at the festival, got to visit with Bruce during her stay. You can't tell here, but I was surprised by Bruce's height. He's a tall man. Bruce, the star of "Babylon 5", "Scarecrow and Mrs. King", and recently appearances on "NCIS" also appeared with James Arness on "Gunsmoke" and "How the West Was Won". 

Bernie Kopell

Bernie Kopell sports the uniform he wore as Dr. Adam Bricker on "Love Boat" for a decade. He and Robert Fuller are pals and they had fun together, along with mutual friend Robert Pine, on the festival's first panel. Bernie has a great sense of humor, quick wit and loved making Bob the target of some of his jokes.  A very sweet man...

Darby:  "And while it didn't have much to do with cowboys, the Sock Hop, sure was fun and I got to shake a leg with some pretty ladies."

Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller, always a wonderful guest and gentleman, got a surprise at the 2017 Memphis Film Festival this weekend. Karen Pinkney from Ontario, NY had seen Bob at the Williamsburg festival in March. She learned he has most of the attire he wore as Jess Harper on "Laramie" but didn't have his original hat. That led Karen to contact a custom cowboy hat maker at the Last Best West Store. She sent it photos from the show and had a black, tailor made 20X Beaver facsimile of Jess' head gear created. It was presented to him after his Saturday panel. What do you think, fans?

Bruce Boxleitner, Tom Nichols (Moderator) and Nancy Stafford

Darby Hinton

Darby Hinton shows this photo of himself with Robert Mitchum from 1969's "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys". Darby is another crowd favorite who did a great job hosting our trivia contest. He corralled his "Darlings" for a photo opp at our awards banquet to humorously demonstrate that he too has a sizable fan base.

Fun-loving Darby Hinton does some slow dancin' with Festival Coordinator Bonnie Boyd.

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

Thursday evening we have the most wonderful sock hop ever!  Some of our guest stars stop by for some dancing and fun.  The DJ was Alex Ward who has a show Saturday night on SiriusXM 50's on 5. Alex has been spinning the hits since 1967 with his "Pig 'N Whistle" oldies show along with his "Pink and Black Days" on Sirius XM.  Clips are shown of our guest stars in different movies and TV shows.  You can also see clips of Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and many more.  A wonderful time was had by all!

2017 Festival Pictures

Sue Demetrius (website master) and her husband Steve enjoying the

sock hop.  

Alex and his "Pink Ladies"

From left to right back row:  Bruce Boxleitner, Kent McCord, Ed Faulkner, John Buttram, Darby Hinton and Buck Taylor 

From left to right front row:  Diamond Farnsworth, Robert Pine, Nancy Stafford, Bernie Kopell, Robert Fuller and Tommy Cook

Tommy Cook, Ray Nielsen (Moderator), Ed Faulkner, and Darby Hinton

Kent McCord, Bernie Kopell, Tom Nichols (Moderator), Robert Pine, and Robert Fuller

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

Check all the highlights below from the

2017 Memphis Film Festival

Sock Hop participants put the "Y" in the Village People's "Y.M.C.A."

Tommy Cook

Tommy Cook's career goes back to the late 1930s when he began working on radio as a child. He soon gravitated into film but continued working on radio as well. That experience proved valuable on the radio re-creation of "Ft. Laramie" that he took part in on Friday night that was produced by Felicity Bonello.  Loved him on "Red Ryder".

Robert Pine

Robert Pine, who played Sgt. Joseph Getraer on the hit NBC television series "CHiPs", was a wonderful guest!  He has appeared in "Murder She Wrote", "Bones", and one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies as the father of Candace Cameron-Bure's father in "Christmas Under Wraps".  He was a joy to talk to and he told such wonderful stories about the show and his son, Chris Pine, star of "Star Trek" movies and the new hit movie "Wonder Woman".   

Trivia Contest

- Friday Events -

Ed Faulkner

Ed Faulkner is a fine character actor who's appeared in countless movies and TV shows. Working alongside John Wayne in six films (and appeared in two of Elvis Presley's movies), Mr. Faulkner loves telling his fans about working with John Wayne and other stars.  He is a very kind and gracious guest.

 Celebrity Panel Discussion 

Friday 1:00 p.m.

2017 brought another year of great new guests and wonderful entertainment!  Rob Haynes and The Flash was our entertainment for Saturday night and they were absolutely amazing.    The sock hop was fun as usual with our favorite Sirius Radio DJ Alex Ward and the "Fort Laramie" radio recreation was one of the best.  Added bonus this year was Diamond Farnsworth's 'Legacy of a Stuntman' presentation.

So please check out the pictures below to either bring back those memories or for those who didn't attend; you will want to be there next year!

Kent McCord

Kent McCord, who is best-remembered for his continuing role as Officer Jim Reed on "Adam-12", spoke eloquently on his panel about the importance of supporting law enforcement. He also told great stories about the touch football games he played with Rick Nelson and friends vs Elvis Presley and his Memphis crew. This included Red West, who he has remained friends.

 Celebrity Panel Discussion 

Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor looks like one of the authentic Western characters he often plays and paints. He's always a joy to be around and he treats everyone like family.  His paintings are the most beautiful I have seen, especially the characters from "Gunsmoke".  The stories he tells of his father, Dub Taylor, are the best.   He is the epitome of a perfect gentlemen and respects his fans.

Festival attendee Helene Neiman is presented a $100 bill by Darby Hinton after winning our trivia contest on Friday. Darby did a great job again this year conducting the contest.  She's the first woman to do so since the contest began several years ago.

Linda Crowley did a great job of compiling the questions which covered a wide variety of tv and movie topics.

Diamond Farnsworth

Diamond Farnsworth a stuntman, stunt actor and stunt coordinator on "NCIS" (working with Mark Harmon), is a new guest at the festival.  He is the son of late actor and stuntman Richard Farnsworth and the father of stuntwoman Courtney K. Farnsworth.  He was a great guest, who can resist that smile!

Friday 10:00 a.m.

Thursday 1:00 p.m.

Nancy Stafford

Nancy Stafford of "St. Elsewhere" and "Matlock" fame shows some of the jewelry she sold at the festival. She had beautiful butterfly jewelry and crosses; she also had several books she was selling. Nancy is still as beautiful inside and she is outside.   She was a wonderful guest who did a wonderful job in our radio presentation of "Fort Laramie" where she played a beautiful daughter of an Indian chief.