Diamond and Linda Farnsworth were also moved by the music.

"Legacy Of A Stuntman" was a presentation made Friday night during which Diamond Farnsworth showed video and talked about his life as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. He also spoke about his late father Richard's career whose roots were also in stunt work.  Diamond was such a funny and interesting guest.  Loved his stories!

"Darby's Darlings"

Diamond Farnsworth, Robert Fuller, Ray Nielsen (moderator) and Buck Taylor.  

Tommy Cook

"Thanks for having me back after all these years.... had a wonderful time"

Rob Haynes and his band provided some fantastic entertainment at our Saturday night awards banquet. He's a Memphis-based musician who's almost a "Million Dollar Quartet" rolled into one. He performed songs made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Charlie Rich, and Floyd Cramer with a fervor and style that kept the audience fixated.

Some quotes from our guests.

Robert Pine and Carol "Calamity" Kellum weren't going to be outdone.

Kent McCord

"I am here because of Bob Fuller... the most relaxed atmosphere and small intertwined group of celebrity  reunion... thank you... hope I can come back!"

Pictures from the Dinner and Show!

Meet and Greet Celebrities

- Friday Events -


Rob Haynes with Robert Pine who thought he was terrific!

Bernie Kopell

"This is the classiest event I have been to... and I have been to a lot of them!"

Nancy Stafford

"I have had a blast!.... thanks to everyone on the staff... we love your stories... you have meant more to us than we have to you...."

Tommy Cook and friends

LEGACY OF A STUNTMAN with Diamond Farnsworth

(John is wearing his uncle Pat Buttram's vest that was given to him by Pat's daughter.)

​Very handsome!

Buck Taylor

"I love this... I would just like to reiterate what everyone else said about the festival... the staff.... and of course the fans" 

Bernie, Nancy, Darby, and Robert

Robert Pine

"I want to thank everyone... a unique event.. enjoyed talking with everyone.. all the fans... and Bob Fuller... how can I get a Fandom!!  I need a fan club!! "

John Buttram, MC for the night.

Award Dinner and Show

​Saturday Night

Diamond, Buck, Robert, Darby and Bruce

Robert Fuller

"Thanks to all the staff... thanks to my friends... Bernie... Kent... Robert and all the fans... the Fandom... say prayers for all the service men and women in our country"

- Saturday Events -

Ed Faulkner

"Best festival... best fans... glad to be back"

(we regret that the picture of Tommy Cook receiving his award didn't process well enough to post). 

Ann and John Buttram with Kent McCord

Celebrity Panel Discussion

Diamond Farnsworth

"Best Festival.... wonderful hosts"

Rob Haynes' performance sparked something rarely seen at our banquets. 

Bruce, Nancy and Darby

John Buttram

"I enjoy what I do... I love to make people laugh"

Darby, Nancy and Diamond

Darby Hinton

"Thank you for this award I do cherish... thank everyone for Rosie... thank everyone for the best experience and making me feel special...."

He inspired such celebrities as Buck and Goldie Taylor to kick up their heels and dance!

Saturday 1:00 p.m.

Radio Presentation 

"Fort Laramie"

Bruce Boxleitner

"Thanks for the award.... had a very nice time... wonderful people"

Another great radio recreation!  Everyone in the presentation did a fantastic job!  
What a treat to have Tommy Cook, who performed as Little Beaver on the Red Ryder radio series, as the indian chief.  Darby lent his comedic flare to the show, as he was the romantic interest for the indian princess played by Nancy Stafford who did a wonderful job!   Bernie Kopell a great addition to the show!  Loved Robert Pine especially his quick wit!  As always John Buttram was amazing!