Jon Provost and his wife, Laurie Jacobson what an amazing team they are! Jon had a great time meeting his fans and sharing stories of the years he spent on "Lassie".  (Speaking for myself, Jon was on my bucket list... so glad I got to meet him!)

Thursday 1:00 p.m. panel discussion with Mark Goddard, Brett Halsey and Ron Ely; narrated by Ray Nielsen.  

Bonnie and Parker Stevenson taking a break from dancing and enjoying the music.... 

Registration ladies...superb job this year!

Dottie and Alex McCollum- Hospitality Room hosts.

Beth Brickell enjoying dancing and getting to know her fans out on the dance floor!

Mark Goddard...what a great guy!  He was so much fun and very interesting stories; especially about Elvis and Nick Adams.

Tony Leslie receives a $100 bill for winning the trivia contest that Darby Hinton conducted. Linda Crowley did a great job of compiling the questions which covered a wide variety of tv and movie topics.

Andrew Prine was very funny and a quick wit!   The fans enjoyed meeting him and couldn't wait for the panel discussion; we knew he was going to have some amazing stories.

Tom Nardini was such a delight and had such great stories about working with Lee Marvin and other actors.

Parker and Bonnie enjoying a slow song....

Robert Fuller, Anne Lockhart and Alex Cord... it was great seeing these three together.   Anne is a first time guest, Robert a festival favorite and Alex a return guest..  

Vendor Bryan Burgess talks with Brett Halsey about working with Vincent Price on the "The Fly 2".  Mr. Halsey, although soft-spoken, was a very nice man and enjoyed meeting all of his fans.   

Ron Ely had many fans who enjoyed talking with him about his "Tarzan" days and now his career as an author.

Beth Brickell, star of "Gentle Ben" and many guest appearances on other shows was very impressed with meeting her fans.  This was the first time she had attended an event like this and she really enjoyed it.

Darby Hinton dancing with a lucky fan.

 Celebrity Panel Discussion 

Tom Nardini and Senor Bon-Bon joined the dancing and the congo line.   

Judson Patterson created wonderful shirts this year and he also had mugs!

Festival DVD's from Terry Swindol

Parker Stevenson was a first time guest and was wonderful!   He was so gracious and talked at length with each fan, he was like a friend you haven't seen in a long time.  What a delight he was.

From left to right back row: Mark Goddard, Brett Halsey, Wyatt McCrea, John Buttram, Darby Hinton, Robert Fuller, Alex Cord, Jon Walmsley, Andrew Prine, and Ron Ely.

From left to right front row: Stanley Livingston, Barry Livingston, Anne Lockhart, Beth Brickell, Laurie Jacobson, Jon Provost and Tom Nardini.

(Missing from the picture is Parker Stevenson who had to leave early)

John and Ann Buttram

So glad Darby Hinton was a return guest! He is always a joy and extremely funny.  Not to mention the ladies find him extremely handsome..

Laurie Jacobson and Bonnie Boyd getting down to the "Good Time Old Rock and Roll".

Linda Gray and other dancers having fun dancing to the slide.....

Congo line anyone!!!

Andrew and his wife, Heather

D.J. ALEX WARD.. always a great job!

Trivia Contest

Anne and Brett

Robert and Alex

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

 Meet and Greet Celebrities 

- Friday Events -

Thursday evening we have the most wonderful sock hop ever!  Some of our guest stars stop by for some dancing and fun.  The DJ was Alex Ward who has a show Saturday night on SiriusXM 50's on 5.  Clips are shown of our guest stars in different movies and TV shows.  You can also see clips of Jackie Wilson.. Elvis Presley and many more.  A wonderful time was had by all!

- Thursday Events -

Another fantastic festival!  So many new stars and a few of our favorites return.   Jon Walmsley was our entertainment for Saturday night and he was absolutely amazing.    The sock hop was fun as usual with our favorite Sirius Radio DJ Alex Ward and the "Gunsmoke" radio recreation was one of the best.  

So please check out the pictures below to either bring back those memories or for those who didn't attend; you will want to be there next year!

Check all the highlights below from the

2016 Memphis Film Festival

2016 Festival Pictures

The people that make the magic happen!  Their hard work and dedication makes the festival better and better every year! 

Wyatt McCrea, another first time guest, enjoys a light moment at his table where he made books about grandparents Joel McCrea and Frances Dee available.

Sue Demetrius (website master) and her husband Steve brought their very good friend, Linda Gray (who just happens to be the mother of Billy Gardell who played Mike on the TV series "Mike and Molly" and now is in Memphis filming the CMT miniseries "The Million Dollar Quartet" as Col. Parker)  She loved every minute of the festival!!!

Stanley and Barry Livingston with a fan.  Barry was discussing his award nominating performance in a movie.

As always a fan favorite John Buttram poses with one of his many fans.  He is always the sweetest and most wonderful person!!!  

Tom and Jon

Sock hop .. fun as always... doing the Macarena and Electric Slide.

Stanley Livingston 
had very interesting stories about working on "My Three Sons" and "How The West Was Won."

It was great having Jon Walmsley and his wife Marion return to the festival as he is always a great guest and the entertainment he provides is the best!