"Gunsmoke" show called "Hinka-Do," originally broadcast in 1952, was performed this year. The participants seen here, left to right, are director Felicity Bonello, Jimmie Covington, Phil Loy, Ray Nielsen, Jon Provost, Laurie Jacobson (Mamie), Ron Ely (Matt Dillon), Parker Stevenson (Doc Adams), John Buttram (Chester) and Tom Nardini.  The show was full of laughs and great acting!  Such fun as always.

Tom Nardini, came out of "retirement" to attend our festival and he had such a wonderful experience.  Talking with fans, the panel discussion and the radio show.


Friday 11:00 a.m. Panel Discussion:

Alex Cord, Wyatt McCrea, Moderator: Tom Nichols, Beth Brickell and Robert Fuller

Stanley Livingston, was very happy with his attendance at the festival and said that festival was one of most well-run events he has attended.  

Celebrity Book Club

Jon Walmsley, stated that once again all organizers went above and beyond to make everything this event one of the best and he was looking forward to performing later.

Robert Fuller, always a joy, expressed his gratitude for another great time at the Memphis Film Festival.  He thanked Bonnie, Ray and the rest of the group for excellent way they take care of the guests.

Award Dinner and Show

​Saturday Night


Jon Provost, as return guest he expressed his appreciation for the wonderful reception from all who came by his table but also how well Ray, Bonnie and the rest of the group run this event.

Anne Lockhart, she had the most wonderful time and she wanted everyone to know "And those who attended the Panel Discussion, I shaved my legs!'

Mark Goddard, thanked Ray, Bonnie and everyone who were responsible for making the festival just a wonderful time. He said it was one of the most well-run events he had attended.  

Ron Ely, enjoyed his time at the festival, and thanked everyone for a wonderful time.

Wyatt McCrea, expressed his gratitude for all the wonderful people who came by to talk with him about his grandparents and he had the best time at the festival, it was great!

Darby Hinton, was very happy he was able to attend this year and he wanted to thank Ray, Bonnie and all that work so hard to make the festival a success.

Celebrities discussing books they have authored or published:  Mark Goddard, Ron Ely, Brett Halsey, Alex Cord, Beth Brickell, Wyatt McCrea and Laurie Jacobson

Gunsmoke Radio Show Recreation

Meet and Greet Celebrities

Parker Stevenson had to leave early on Saturday and was unable to attend that evening so Ray and Bonnie presented him with the award Saturday morning.  He had a wonderful time at the festival and praised all the organizers of the event on making it a great experience.

John Buttram, MC for the night.

Pictures from the Dinner and Show!

- Friday Events -

Beth Brickell, first time guest, was thrilled to have attended our festival.  She was not sure what to expect since she hasn't been to one before and she really appreciated everyone who came by her table and talked with her.   

Saturday 1:00 p.m. Panel Discussion

Jon Walmsley, Jon Provost, Darby Hinton, Andrew Prine, Tom Nardini with Monsieur BonBon, and Ray Nielsen

Jon Walmsley and his three accompanying Memphis-based musicians put on a whale of a show, just like they did two years ago.

Brett Halsey, enjoyed his time at the festival and was happy to see so many of his friends again, even though they didn't have dark hair anymore!

Alex Cord, always a joy to have at our festival was very happy to meet so many people and regal his stories.

And last, but not least, John Buttram, receiving his award for another great year as our MC.  

This was a very interesting panel.  All guests discussed their books and their reasons for writing said books and what it meant in their life.  The question and answer segment was very informative and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. 

Barry Livingston, said he had been to many events and this is one of most well-run events he has attended.  

Andrew Prine, started his speech with a comedy quip about being at an AA meeting! Andrew always enjoys coming to the Memphis Film Festival as it is a "class act".

Friday 2:00 p.m. Panel Discussion:  

Parker Stevenson, Moderator: Laurie Jacobson, Anne Lockhart, Barry Livingston and Stanley Livingston