Yes, that is right Buck is coming back!!!   If you are a fan of "Gunsmoke" you know Buck Taylor and he is a fantastic guest and one of our favorites. Not only is he such a gentleman, but a wonderful artist.   If you haven't met him before you can't miss this opportunity on meeting this wonderful man and beautiful art.


We have another guest and he has been to our festival before.  Tommy is the original 'Little Beaver' from the "Red Ryder" serials with Don "Red" Barry.  Can't wait to hear his stories.


Yes, that's right "Dr. Adam Bricker" from "The Love Boat" is coming to the Memphis Film Festival in 2017.   Can't wait to hear his stories!


It has just been announced that the star of "Hunter" is to be our guest at our festival.  We are so excited to welcome him and we can't wait to hear his stories; and I am sure he and Rosey will have a lot of "football" stories to share also!  I personally never missed an episode of "Hunter" so I am very thrilled.


​at the next Memphis Film Festival on:

If you're a fan of classic movies and television we invite you to join us

June 8-10, 2017
The 2017 festival will be held at 
Sam's Town Resort
Tunica, Mississippi
(Only 30 miles south of Memphis, TN)


A new guest!  Stuntmen usually have great stories to tell and Diamond Farnsworth (and he is the son of Richard Farnsworth) should be no exception. He's currently the Stunt Coordinator on the popular "NCIS" series. We're excited to add this accomplished talent to our guest roster.


More exciting news!   Nancy Stafford will be joining us at the Memphis Film Festival! Nancy co-starred in "Matlock" with Andy Griffith (I loved this show!) as well as other television series.  She is also an author of several inspirational books.  

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How exciting that Bruce is coming to the Memphis Film Festival.   Star of "How the West Was Won", "The Scarecrow and Mrs. King", and "Babylon 5" just to name a few.   Can't wait to meet him!


Ed Faulkner will be joining us! So excited that Ed Faulkner will be back. He was a great guest the last time he attended our festival.  

He had such wonderful stories of John Wayne ("Chisum", "McClintock", "Rio Lobo", "The Undefeated", "The Green Berets",  and "Hellfighters" were some of the movies that Ed worked with John). He has worked with Elvis Presley!  


Yes, it's true!  Ponch and Jon's boss, Sgt. Getraer is coming to the Memphis Film Festival!  I can't wait!   If you are a fan of "CHIP's" you will not want to miss out on listening to Robert's stories.  


Exciting News!  Darby is coming back!  Yes Darby Hinton will be back at the festival next year and we are so excited.  Not only did he do a great job asking the questions at the Trivia Contest; but he is a wonderful guest... handsome.. fun.. and he loves meeting his fans!   


We are happy to announce that one of our favorite cowboys, Robert Fuller, will be returning to the Memphis Film Festival in 2017.  Star of "Laramie" and "Wagon Train" (seen here with John McIntire)


It just keeps getting better!  Rosey Grier who costarred with Darby and Fess Parker in "Daniel Boone" is coming to the Memphis Film Festival 2017!  Imagine Rosey and Darby together!